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By The Glass Whites Reds

Mussels Mariniere or Cream - 20
Salmon Broiled or blackened, béarnaise sauce, vegetable,
lyonnaise potatoes - 25

Trout Bretonne - shrimp, mushrooms, capers, shallot butter, vegetable, lyonnaise potatoes- 25
Filet of Snapper Louisianne artichoke hearts, mushrooms, shallot butter, lyonnaise potatoes -  26
Seabass Veronique - beurre blanc, grapes, rice pilaf - 36
Filet of Sole Meuniere or Bretonne - shrimp, mushrooms capers, shallot butter, lyonnaise potatoes - 25
Frog Legs Meuniere, garlic lemon butter, rice pilaf - 28
Bouillabaisse Floridienne - shrimp, grouper, snapper, mahi mahi, mussels, clams, in saffron bouillon - 29
Shrimp Scampi - jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce, rice pilaf - 29
Shrimp Maison - jumbo shrimp saute, julienne decarrots, mushroom beurre blanc, rice pilaf - 29
Imported Dover Sole meuniere or amandine, vegetable, lyonnaise potatoes - 42
Seared Tuna sesame and fennel seed crust, wasabi, couscous - 27
Surf & Turf 6 Ounces filet mignon and lobster tail, vegetable, lyonnaise potatoes - 42
1½ lb Live Maine lobster - steamed, broiled, chilled or Champenoise (crabmeat, mushroom, champagne sauce) - 35

Florida Lobster Tails (2) - vegetables, potatoes - 40






Le Cafe de Paris, Fort Lauderdale

Since 1962, a standard of excellence and popularity that has become world famous. After more than four decades of ownership, Le Café de Paris is one of the oldest and most deliciously authentic French restaurants in South Florida.

Le Cafe De Paris

715 Las Olas Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301



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